Mt. Ssugarloaf State Park, Sunderland MA

This is a view from an observation point on Mt. Skinner with UMass Amherst oriented approximately -45 degrees off the center horizon.

(2007-09-11) Panorama stitching of ten 3-megapixel images, taken with a Nikon E3700, 5mm focal length. Each image taken from left to right spanning approximately 180 degrees with approx.. equal angle between each, rotating only about the z-axis. In The Gimp images were aligned based on minimal center difference between each successive image. Blending between boundaries was done with layer masking and gradients. No reprojective or lens distortion processing was done. As a result the image may appear to have an almost indistinguishable subtle warping, even though much of the lens distortion is masked away due to the small increments used.

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