Papers and Presentations I have Written

AIRS Lab Camera Calibration Presentation: PDF - this presentation shows the results of my research from June 2007 to Dec. 2007 regarding freely available matlab software used to remove camera system distortion from images which would later come from the lab's aeieal image projects.

Goal Acomplishment Knowledge - Reflections on software engineering, Sept. 2007: PDF - A precise definion and explination of the system which I call GAK (Goal Acomplishment Knowledge) which is system that can be applied to problem solving in almost any domain. (Note: there is a typo here, goal G(t) should justy be G on pages 1,3,4)

Audio Stream and Musical Note Sequence Interpolation with FFT: PDF - Final project from Math 552, Advanced Scientific Computing, Jeff Plotkin and Joe Gallo. The project entails the use of the FFT to interpolate audio data to change durration, sampling rate, etc. And the use of the FFT to similarly interpolate musical notes between notes in a given sequence while constraining the result to a given scale. For our example C major is used.

Nautural Language Processing, uninteligent text processing: PDF - An short introduction to natural langugage processing and explination of possible future capibilites of NLT systems coupled with logic programming and a unified database of fundemental mathematical and scientific facts. The technology outlined in this paper is similar to some of the technology portaryed on the telicision show 'Star Trek The Next Generation'.

Systems: Physical vs. Conceptual: PDF - An short essay on the nature of and differences between conceptual and physical systems with real world examples, written in plain English for non-technical readers.

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